We understand that whole home remodeling can be a big investment. You need someone you can rely on to protect and preserve it during your home remodeling processes. Your house remodeling does not have to be a long, demanding project. With Authentic Designs and Remodeling, Inc., we will work around-the-clock to ensure that achieving your whole home remodel is both exciting and stress-free. When you come to ADR you will be guaranteed exceptional service, quality attention to detail and a home that’s both stunning and comfortable.

Quality Whole Home Remodel Services

We never lose sight of the fact that every client’s needs are unique. At our initial meeting, we will develop a concept for your whole home remodel or house addition, by understanding your vision and incorporating the feel and style you dream of. Through high quality, unique designs, the skilled team at ADR will help you redesign your home. We can relocate bathrooms, rejuvenate old kitchens, install stylish custom cabinets, brighten up your patio areas, create cozy breakfast nooks – your options are endless. Our team can create intriguing focal points, such as transforming a once plain, blank wall into an attractive facade featuring a stunning arched picture window, or by introducing the warmth of Mahogany wall paneling into your home. Together, we will also work out the home remodeling costs of your project and consistently ensure that we stay on budget. Our personalized touches will assure you that you are receiving the highest level of care possible. Every project will be headed by a project manager, who will be in-charge of your whole home remodeling construction and will work with you to ensure your needs are met.

Whole Home Remodeling Process

Before we begin the building remodeling process, we start by carefully evaluating the existing conditions of every room of your home. In this thorough inspection process, we anticipate problems that may arise in the future and look to eradicate them right from the start. We can help you introduce elegant French doors, adjust the size and position of your windows to maximize light and air circulation, or even add features like a skylight. Our designers will then create a plan for each room of your home, focusing on every detail. Once the finalized plans are established for your whole home remodel, our skilled team will diligently work to prepare your home for reconstruction. This will enable us to recreate spaces within your home in a way that is appropriate to your changing tastes and current lifestyle. We regularly schedule on-site meetings, to ensure your vision is still on track. At ADR we believe that constant communication with the customer is the key to our success. Your feedback is our number one priority and we are always willing to make changes to better meet your needs.

Why ADR?

Authentic Designs and Remodeling, Inc. offers whole house remodeling, home additions, home renovations, basement remodeling, roofing, room remodeling and fire restoration services for the entire San Diego county, including areas like Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. We are a family-owned, licensed company with over twelve years of experience in remodeling homes. We are not just remodeling contractors; with ADR you get a quality team of professionals with integrity, dedicated to ensuring that your every demand is met. Your home is a long-term investment, so put your faith in ADR and let your dreams take shape.

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