3 Top Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Beautifully Designed Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you will make in the development or restoration of your home. The kitchen area¬† as well as the bathroom needs remodeling as these are the rooms that is seen by everyone who enters the home. From our years of experience with custom kitchen remodeling, we’d like to share a few mistaken perceptions about kitchen remodeling in hopes that you will enter your own kitchen remodeling plan with proper expectations.

Over-Improving the Kitchen Area

Your $300,000 home does not merit a $100,000 kitchen, unless you’re a professional caterer or chef. (This is also true for professional-style appliances. Will you really use all those burners and BTUs?)

While real estate experts will tell you that kitchen remodels return 80 percent or more of their value, this does not hold true if you dramatically overspend relative to the value of your home. Think in terms of a 10- to 25-percent investment relative to what you could realistically sell the house for tomorrow.

Incompatibility with the Home’s Theme

In today’s open-floor plan homes, clients ignore their home’s architecture and their overall style at their peril. While you may adore the Tuscan or French country style, think hard about whether your chosen ideal will work with the surrounding rooms and the period of your house. Consider heirloom furniture that will share the same space, not pieces you’re not planning on keeping. Consider, too, the ornateness or simplicity of moldings and casings – or lack thereof – in the room to “reality-check” yourself on whether the look you desire will look out of place in your home.

Kitchen Design Trend-Spotting

This relates to Mistake #2, but goes beyond. Don’t choose a look for your kitchen based on its current popularity, or kitchen lighting because of what you saw at a friend’s house, but on how long you’ve loved it yourself and how it works with everything else you’ve loved and purchased. You may have the budget for frequent remodels, but I doubt if you have the stomach for them.

To sum it up, keep your kitchen remodeling design and plan within your home’s theme, avoid trend-spotting solely for the sake of being trendy, and improve the kitchen in a means that is consistent in budget and value of the rest of the home.

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