A Great August Project: Paint the Interior of Your Home

A Great August Project: Paint the Interior of Your Home

August can be rather “blah,” as it contains no holidays and is the last full month of summer. The days are still hot, but they are also getting shorter, and back to school is tantalizingly close (for parents) and too close (for kids).

If you’re looking for a home décor project to get you through the month, why not consider painting the interior of your home — every single room. This is probably not a DIY project, but working with a skilled professional painter, you can make subtle or major changes to the look of your rooms with just a couple coats of paint.

After you make the decision to go ahead with a whole home paint job, your toughest job will be selecting colors. An article in House Beautiful noted nine common paint color mistakes to avoid, based on comments from designers:

  • Painting a ceiling flat white. Use a cream shade instead – and recommend leaving this project to a professional.
  • Going too matchy-matchy. Find a grayed out version of a color in one of your fabrics rather than trying to match it exactly, as that will be too strong.
  • Leaving out “palate cleansing” elements. It’s OK to be colorful, but that needs to be balanced with neutrals, giving the eye a place to rest.
  • Playing it too “safe.” If you choose a palette of neutrals, be sure to add a few stronger colors to inject personality or else it becomes boring.
  • Using wildly different color schemes from room to room. The whole house should make sense as one, so it’s a good idea to choose colors that allow the rooms to feel connected.
  • Using the same color palette everywhere. Using your favorite colors in every room can create an “uptight” vibe, making everything seem stiff. There has to be some relief.
  • Forgetting the impact finish makes. Good prep is key to any high-luster paint finish, especially when using a dark color. Skim-coating can help you get a deep, rich gloss without the expense of lacquering.
  • Selecting a one-dimensional hue. This can be an issue when you select more dramatic colors, as those with no depth can be oddly fluorescent. That’s why “Creamsicle” may end up looking like “Construction Cone Orange” on the wall.
  • Pressuring yourself to find — and stick with — a forever color. While it’s understandable to fall back to the same look you’ve always had in your home, your personal style can change over time—so trust yourself to make a change, even if you take baby steps toward a commitment to a drastic color change.

Inspired to complete a whole-house painting job this month? Contact us at Authentic Designs & Remodeling so we can help. We’re here to serve.

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