A Unique Father’s Day Gift: A Man Cave

A Unique Father’s Day Gift: A Man Cave

Father’s Day gifts often seem a bit more ho-hum than those given to mothers on their day, but you can change that this year if you gift a fabulous father with his very own man cave. Man caves can come in all shapes and sizes; they can be built in garages, behind secret passageways, in spare rooms or in the standard basement location.

While you may not have time to complete a man cave before June 19, you can announce your intention and let the man whose cave it will be participate in the design process. Every man cave will be different, but IMPROVENET suggests the following as 10 essential items needed to create the ultimate man cave.

  1. Recliner

This is listed first because not all males enjoy TV and sports — and a man cave can be used to just relax and get away, or for evening work or client calls. Ever fall asleep on a couch and awake to a stiff neck? Better to snooze in a recliner.

  1. TV

Many men choose to put in a man cave so they can have a place to host Sunday football, the Super Bowl or any other sporting event. If you’re going all out on your unique man cave, you’ll undoubtedly need a large TV to complete the full picture.

  1. Man Cave Bar and Fridge

A key purpose of the man cave is eliminating the need to walk upstairs or across the hall to get a cold beverage — so you definitely need a man cave bar and/or fridge in your man cave.

  1. Pool Table

Men often need forms of entertainment other than the TV. Why not include a pool table in your man cave? Some men have gone above and beyond to make their pool tables as unique and extravagant as humanly possible.

  1. Dart Board or Poker Table

Sticking with the entertainment end of the man cave, dart boards and poker tables are highly encouraged. Both these items are useful during parties or get-togethers, and they’re also perfect for friends of the family.

  1. Personal Touches

Add as many personal touches as possible to your man cave. Shine a light on yourself; you don’t get many other chances to do so. Posturize the humongous bass you caught on a fishing trip, show off your golf trophies — or whatever says “you.”

  1. Sports Memorabilia

Man caves and sports go together like bars and beer. Chances are, if you’re creating a man cave, you have one or two classic pieces of sports memorabilia hanging around your home (or stashed away). Now you can put them where they belong.

  1. Extra Seating

Man caves should be shared, so you better have extra seating. We highly recommend home theater seating, but more often than not, a big couch will work.

  1. Movie Posters

No true man cave is complete without at least one poster showcasing a real man movie like “Scarface,” “The Godfather” or “Reservoir Dogs.” Showcasing favorite movies or TV shows gives guests a closer glimpse into the real you.

  1. Bar Stools

When friends enter a man cave, they want to behave and act like men. There’s no place on Earth manlier than a bar and all bars need bar stools. Therefore, to add even more seating to your man cave, it should include a set of bar stools.

If you need some help from a professional to build the perfect man cave, contact us at Authentic Designs & Remodeling. We’re here to help.

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