Back to School – With a New Bedroom

Back to School – With a New Bedroom

Before children are even born, their parents typically choose the color scheme and décor for their rooms, i.e., nurseries. Some may go traditional — pink or blue — especially if they know the sex of the baby, while others opt for more “generic” hues like yellow or green, or even the three primary colors.

As kids grow, their rooms should change to continue to meet their needs. First to be replaced is usually the crib — with a big boy or big girl bed, often a twin mattress —followed by the changing table and perhaps a rocking chair. The start of elementary school doesn’t require too much change, but as children progress into middle and high school, their previously perfect room décor may not be appropriate, due to a combination of their evolving taste and needs.

If your child’s room has stayed the same for too long, and really doesn’t suit him or her anymore, August is the perfect month for a makeover, right before the start of a new school year. A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to make a significant change, but consider going a bit “bigger” by entertaining one or more of the following suggestions:

  • Update the flooring. You may have wanted carpet in your toddler’s room, but wood, laminate or tile flooring may be more appropriate now.
  • Redo the closet. Without adding any square footage, you’d be amazed at what a closet design expert can do to streamline the place where kids store their clothes, shoes and more.
  • Add a built-in study area. A desk is a necessity if you expect much studying to occur in your child’s room. Give them a “cool” space that encourages them to hunker down and is technology friendly.
  • Add built-in bookcases/display areas. Kids tend to accumulate a lot of “stuff” that often is haphazardly strewn across their rooms — unless you give them a place to store/display it.
  • Upgrade the bed. It may be time to replace the twin bed that made sense when your child was little with a full or queen model. Consider getting a custom bed built that includes a unique headboard and perhaps storage space underneath it.

If you’re feeling inspired to update your kid’s room and you need a little help, give us a call at Authentic Designs & Remodeling. We’re here to help.

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