Check Your Windows and Doors for Wood Rot

If you have custom wood windows and exterior wood doors with fine wood trim, make sure they are properly sealed. The video below shows an example of what can happen if windows and doors are not properly caulked, painted, and maintained.

The key to having long lasting custom trim work on the exterior of your home is to make sure that it’s properly flashed, primed, caulked, and painted. A proper exterior painting requires at least two coats. We recommend light sanding in between coats.

In more than 20 years of remodeling luxury homes throughout San Diego and surrounding areas, wood rot has been a common site at the beginning of the projects. Deterioration is normal as wood is exposed to wind, humidity, and sun as shown in this railing example:

Broken railing from wood rot

When properly constructed and treated during our remodeling process, your new custom windows and doors will withstand weather elements for years to come. Fortunately, wood rot and other fixes are usually repaired as part of the normal process of home remodeling.

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