Choosing New Gutters to Handle the San Diego Rain

Choosing New Gutters to Handle the San Diego Rain

After a long drought in the San Diego area, some much needed rain has finally arrived. While the moisture is welcome (and we all hope for more!) problems can appear that you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed if the lack of rain continued. A need for replacement of gutters is one of those surprises that occurs only when the rains come.

Gutters often go ignored until rain waters overflow onto your porch or patio. Suddenly, you realize it’s time to clean out the gutters, unblock whatever is stuck in them, or outright replace them due to damage. How do you know what type of gutters to choose?

Rain Gutter Types

Rain Gutters come in various shapes and colors. So, expect a bit of confusion over making a choice. Keep in mind that the most important decision to make when it comes to new gutters is to choose what matches your home.

Beyond that, most homeowners will choose between two gutter shapes. Those two types of common gutters are K-Style and Half-Round.

K-Style Gutters

K-Style gutters are usually 5 inches wide and they come with 2 x 3″ inch downspouts. For a larger residential home rain gutters are made in 6 inch K-style gutters with 3 x 4″ inch downspouts. The 5 inch rain gutters usually hold up to 1.2 gallons of rain and the 6 inch rain gutters hold up to 2 gallons.

Half-Round Rain Gutters

The half-round gutter goes way back to the early 20th century. They are fully enclosed pipes that you cut off in half in terms of the length. Half-round gutters are similar to the k-style rain gutters when it comes to shapes and colors. They can be bought separately (in pieces) and you can choose what kind of width you want them in. Half-round gutters are the most common in the San Diego area and have been around for almost a century due to their consistent performance and long life

Why are Rain Gutters So Important?

Of course gutters finish the look of a home. But, the most important reason gutters exist on homes is due to functionality. Gutters definitely have a purpose as they protect your siding, stone, bricks, windows from stains and damage resulting from the rain water. Gutters also keep you from getting your clothes drenched during a downpour as you’re walking outside your door close to your house. Gutters even prevent sticks and materials from falling through the air.

Granted, in Southern California, we typically do not need to worry much about rain. But, we sure do have periods of rain during seasonal peaks and damaging summer sun months that takes a toll on landscaping. And, that’s when you’ll notice if your gutters need replacing or maintenance. So, now is the time to take a look at your gutters. Look for clogs or clumps of leaves or other blocking-potential items. Replace gutters that are not fixable now so that you won’t have to take immediate action during our next rain cycle.

At Authentic Designs & Remodeling, Inc., we can help with your gutter maintenance and replacement. During remodeling projects, we pay close attention to choosing the right gutter system for your home and surrounding environment. Give us a call at 858-487-1065 or request a quote using our quote form if you feel you are in need of some gutter maintenance or replacement.

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