Create a Private Outdoor Sanctuary

Create a Private Outdoor Sanctuary

This private outdoor sanctuary recently involved Authentic Designs & Remodeling in creating an outdoor spa for a client. She wanted a private area in her home that wasn’t always as accessible to her children—a place where she could think, read and write.

We designed and built her outdoor living area, a sanctuary off the master bathroom, including a Jacuzzi, fountains, a fireplace, and enough room to bring in a massage table. We learned a lot during the project, which we’re truly happy to share.

  • You must be involved during the design process, to answer questions such as how the space will be used and what kind of ambiance is desired, how you want to feel in the space.
  • The smallest details can be very important, such as how many jets are desired in the Jacuzzi and where people will sit in relation to them. Now the water is in the space, but design and planning comes into play for where the water flows from the fountains and where it flows especially when you’re sitting in it.
  • Think about how the Jacuzzi will be controlled, taking advantage of the latest technology, whether you will use a key pad-remote.
  • Consider lighting and music, as well as the use of misters and/or fans.

The process to create a great low voltage space like this will usually take 3-4 months. The planning and design phase, working with an architect to ensure all your needs are met, will take about 30 days, after which the construction can begin. Since private outdoor sanctuaries involve outdoor living space, keep in mind that permits are necessary and individual inspections increase the project time by 3-4 weeks.

Thinking about creating a sanctuary in your home? Contact us to start the conversation.

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