Custom Home Theater Design and Installation

Custom Home Theater Design and Installation

In today’s technologically advanced world, a family media room that features state of the art entertainment systems is fast becoming a necessity. Home theaters are a great place for families to spend quality time together and a compelling reason for your kids to stay home! Whether you crave the ultimate movie theater experience or a dedicated television/gaming area, Authentic Designs and Remodeling, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the design and construction of your custom home theater system. Our San Diego home theater experts can help you specify the perfect audio/visual equipment to suit your lifestyle and budget, including installing and programming all its components.

Designing a home theater system requires skill and expertise. There are multiple home theater components and factors to consider during the design process that include:

Home Theater Room Size

The size and shape of your theater room will play an important part in determining the best type of AV equipment (TV vs. projector) and the positioning of your speakers.

Theater Room Acoustics, Listener Position, and Impact Speaker Placement

The final impact of the sound produced by your home theater relies on how well the acoustics are handled. Enclosures and back boxes can be built into the wall behind the home audio speakers to eliminate any reverberations that may bounce off the walls. It will also effectively soundproof the room.

Video Equipment & Set Up

Our experts are located in San Diego and will work with you at your location to determine the optimum setup for your lifestyle and budget. We will consider all aspects, including the performance you desire from your home theater system and the type of equipment you will be using. We will also help you ascertain your storage needs for your home theater equipment.

Home Theater Audio System & Speaker Placement

The next essential element of the ultimate home theater experience is the quality of sound. Home theater audio systems will use an AV receiver or a preamplifier/amplifier combination, along with various stand-alone or in-wall audio speakers placed throughout the room. Wireless home theaters are also exceedingly popular for the elegance and sophistication they lend to your home. The experts at ADR will help you choose the home stereo combination that meets your needs best.

Interior Finishes & Trim Carpentry

Add a distinctive flair to your home theater by installing our specially upholstered walls or panels that can buffer sound. You can also choose from our custom-designed baseboards, precisely proportioned window casings, elegant crown moldings, decorative wall sconces, sophisticated built-in custom cabinetry, and much more. We can also improve your home theater experience by painting your room darker with matt colors to avoid glare, creating specialty finishes to impress your guests, and by selecting exclusive carpeting that will help muffle sound reverberation.

Home Theatre Components & Furniture Selection

There are plenty of exciting options and home theatre accessories available, ranging from lighted cup holders and snack trays, to state of the art tactile transducers. These transducers can be installed in furniture to reproduce the feel and sounds that you experience during a movie such as explosions, earthquakes, and other sound effects. The arrangement of your seating will be determined by your screen size. The larger the screen, the farther away the seating should be for optimum viewing. There are also many space-saving furniture models and folding seats that can be incorporated into your home theatre to maximize space. You also have the option of using plush materials on your seating that will absorb sound and improve the overall sound performance of your high-end home theatre.

Expert Home Theater Consultations for San Diego and Surrounding Areas

Our home theater experts are here in San Diego to take you through every stage of the design, selection, construction, and installation process. At Authentic Designs and Remodeling, Inc., we strive to provide you with an incomparable product—a top home theater with striking aesthetics and the ultimate quality sound experience. Contact us for a personalized consultation and you’ll be on your way to creating the best home theater system that is customized to meet your every need.

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