Don’t Find Your Dream Home — Build It

Don’t Find Your Dream Home — Build It

The biggest expenditure most people will ever make is buying a home, so no one wants to settle on a property that’s “almost right.” It can be frustrating to be in the market for a dream home, but disappointed to look at home after home that just doesn’t feel right.

What’s the solution? Purchase a lot in the area you want to live (making sure to complete due diligence to ensure it’s build-able) and then engage a team to design and build your home — to your exact specifications. Just imagine the joy of living in a home that meets every one of your requirements; it can happen., part of the Builder’s Digital Experience network of websites, offers a few tips about building on a lot:

Design a Home That Works Well on Your Lot

Many build-on-your-lot firms have extensive libraries of floor plans, and one of them may be ideal for your taste, budget, and the land you select. In other cases, you may want to modify an existing home plan to better reflect the unique character of your lot — to take advantage of views, work around mature trees you seek to retain or benefit from passive solar heat gain.

While many homebuyers find an existing home plan or a modified version of a plan will work well for their needs and lot, you may wish to invest in a custom home plan drawn from scratch, to more fully reflect your design goals for your home and the unique topography of your land.

What to Look for in Your Homebuilder

When looking for a homebuilder, here are four things to consider:

  • Choose a builder with strong experience in building on a customer’s land. Many builders specialize in building on improved lots in master-planned communities that already have the infrastructure in place (water, gas, electrical, sewer, etc.). Other builders specialize in building on land that requires improvement. Some builders do both. Make sure your builder has the expertise you need.
  • Select a builder that offers a variety of floor plans and can adapt a floor plan to the topography of your lot.
  • Choose a builder that has enough buying power to ensure you receive the best prices for high-quality goods such as appliances, light fixtures and flooring. Consider working with a builder that has a design center where you can choose and coordinate your cabinetry and other options.
  • Pick a builder that will stand behind and service the home. Make sure the builder has a good warranty program, which typically should include a 10- year warranty on certain aspects of the structural integrity of the home.

Authentic Designs & Remodeling can do more than remodel your home; we can build it from the ground up. We treat each project as if we are building our own home. Contact us to discuss how to make your dream home a reality. We’re here to help.

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