Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

You probably didn’t get a paid day off on February 8, but that was the Chinese New Year, the start of the year of the fire monkey. It seems appropriate little more than a month later to think about harmonizing your home using principles from feng shui, which has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years.

A recent Vogue article suggested eight ways to employ feng shui with the aim of creating a calm home, something that reinforces a calm self. To us at Authentic Designs and Remodeling, that sounds like a pretty good resolution.

  • Clear the Clutter. The cardinal rule of feng shui is no clutter. Energy, or chi, must be able to flow freely throughout your space. Clutter disrupts the flow creating negative energy, while decluttering has the opposite effect. Start by prioritizing the areas that bother you most and devote a set time — as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day — to toss out what you don’t love or need.
  • Open the Door to Positive Energy. An entranceway with proper feng shui will always feel welcoming: the front door will be clean, free of obstacles like packages or pairs of shoes, and open with ease. The first thing you see when you open the door sets the tone for the entire home. Place a beautiful piece of art, furniture, or any other object that feels pleasing to you at this all-important focal point.
  • Pick Up a Plant. Plants purify the air by absorbing toxins and electrical pollutants admitted by appliances. Smaller plants can feel like clutter, so bigger is better and fortunately some of the best options are also the lowest maintenance. The areca palm is pet-friendly, grows up to 7 feet tall, is famous for its air-purifying benefits, and is one of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors. Other air-purifying plants are the peace lily, rubber plant and dracaena.
  • Take Command in Bed. A feng shui concept known as the Command Position suggests placing your bed where you’ll have a clear vision of the entryway. The headboard should be against a wall and the foot of the bed should never be in line with the door. This strategic placement lends a sense of security as you avoid being startled when others enter the room.
  • If It’s Broken, Fix It. Drawers that stick, drains that clog and even clothes with holes are a few examples of impediments to vitality in the home. They reflect a sense of brokenness. Try putting a red dot on everything that needs fixing to represent the way you want your space to be. As objects are repaired and you remove the stickers, it symbolizes a positive change in energy.
  • Draw Outside the Lines. Hanging art in a straight line creates what in feng shui is referred to as a “poison arrow,” sharp edges that shoot out aggressively and make spaces feel uncomfortable. Opt for a gallery wall to soften the effect and create a natural flow of energy in a more visually appealing way.
  • Leave the Water Running. Fountains are a popular feng shui cure because water is associated with wealth and therefore a flowing fountain helps with the cash flow. Fountains are also natural ionizers; they diffuse negative ions in the air when used indoors. Place your fountain facing the front door to signify wealth flowing in but avoid the bedroom, where it will represent worry and sorrow.
  • Put Down the Seat. The feng shui philosophy is flush with perils relating to the toilet. Each time you flush, water, and therefore energy, escapes. Keep lids shut to minimize the loss of energy and prosperity.

These suggestions are all pretty easy to do. Let us know if your fortunes change after you apply feng shui principles to your home.

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