Giving a New Home Personality in this Newly Built Home in Coronado

Giving a New Home Personality in this Newly Built Home in Coronado

For six months, we worked with New York-based designer Max King to infuse this downtown Coronado home with more personality. We sent drawings back and forth from San Diego to the East Coast to ensure that King’s client was satisfied with the enhancements to this newly built home and custom closet and mechanized closets carpentry.

We replaced the old bookcases that flanked the fireplace with hand-crafted custom cabinets, and we included a touch-latch system on the inset doors to keep the aesthetic clean, neat and free of visual hardware. We extended the seamless visual to the hearth, which is made of honed Ceasarstone and joined together with a miter joint. A niche on the left side of the fireplace houses a small plasma TV flush with the wall and custom home theater installation feel. The inside of the fireplace is painted black and fitted with a custom-designed screen crafted from ¾-inch tempered glass and chrome-plated stainless-steel feet.

Custom Cabinets in Coronado

Fireplace Designs

In the family room and kitchen area, we removed the hand rail and installed steel studs that serve as backing for a solid, polyurethane-coated walnut wall. Using a laser, we lined up the Ipe cladding outside the home and maintained the flow to the inside, creating a seamless, welcoming look for guests and residents.

Stair Well

Wall Paneling

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