How to Choose the Right Home Theater System

Custom Wood Carpentary Home Theatre

Spending huge amounts of money on a home theater system is not always essential to achieve a quality home theater. What is important is that you have a firm handle on your specific needs, what kind of ambiance you’re wanting to create, and, of course, how much you can afford. ADR provide custom wood carpentry for your home theater system cabinets.

When you first design your home theater system, there are several important components to decide up front:

When you first design your home theater system, there are several important components to decide up front:

  • Will you prefer a drop-down screen or wall mount? There are both cost and functionality differences to each of these options that may impact your decision.
  • What projector is the best size and type for your desired screen type and room layout? Projector type, size an manufacturer will determine how far away from your screen the projector will be from the screen.When buying a projector, remember you really do “get what you pay for.” Purchase a good name brand. If you choose a cheap projector, the bulbs alone could cost in the thousands of dollars. In the past, it was usually more cost effective to replace the entire projector when a bulb burned out. Today, of course, that’s not the case. But, you still need to be careful by asking the right questions.
  • Is wood paneling desired? Maybe upholstery is a better fit to help with noise control and reducing potentially damaging noises from the acoustic quality produced by your speakers.  We have teams to design your hand crafted wood furniture too located in San Diego but we also cater nearby areas.
  • How many people do you want to sit in your home theater room? Not only will this decision have an impact on the size of the room to be built, but can have influence on seating type as well. For example, will your audience be more comfortable using family style seating with sofas and recliners? Or is individual seating preferred where each person might have electronically controlled reclining or manual leuvers for seat adjustments?
  • Will you want your seating rows to have different elevations? Typically home theaters are “two-elevation,” meaning, two levels from front to back at the difference of 7” so that the person in back is seated higher than the person in front.
  • What flooring will you prefer? Home theater floors are almost always carpeted but can also be influenced based on the equipment you intend to use and your budget for the room. Our expert in custom flooring or wood flooring installation can do the trick.

Building your home theater room is one of the most rewarding additions you will add to your home. Take the extra time to consider what you really do want for the room and consult our experienced staff when it’s time to start planning for the design phase of your home theater room. Aside from home theater room our team can also service custom safe rooms and vaults for any calamities that might arise for your family’s safety.


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