Is This the Year You Install a Wine Cellar?

Is This the Year You Install a Wine Cellar?

If you’re holding wine to drink sometime in the future, you have a wine cellar. While the words “wine cellar” conjure up thoughts of underground caverns, a wine cellar is any space dedicated to storing wine; a popular location is in or adjacent to the kitchen, but other alternatives include basements, rooms too small to be bedrooms, spaces under staircases, and garages.

Many different types of wine cellars exist, ranging from vast spaces storing thousands of bottles to small cupboards with a few wines. One thing all wine cellars have in common is their purpose—to keep wine in an ideal environment for future enjoyment. If you love wine, perhaps 2016 is the year you install a wine cellar in your home.

Need more convincing?
Vinote, a New Zealand company offering a range of products that provide a simple way to locate and track bottles in wine cellars, listed a number of benefits to having a wine cellar in the article, Why Start a Wine Cellar? Which of them resonates with you?

Having a wine cellar allows you to experience the pleasure of owning and managing your own selection of wines. You may enjoy visiting old (wine) friends in the cellar and be excited when a stored wine is opened. In addition, you gain:

The happiness associated with maintaining an accurate and effective wine inventory and the fun of selecting a wine, knowing it will be easily retrieved.

The pleasure of sharing and showing your wine cellar to visitors.

The convenience of selecting a suitable wine for any occasion and producing it with ease and aplomb is only available to those who have a well-stocked wine cellar. Very few wine cellars can provide this level of performance for every occasion, but the objective is well worth aiming for and when achieved is very satisfying.

Saving Money
There’s no doubt that money can be saved by having a wine cellar. You save money when you buy by the case, especially when good wine is offered at discounted prices. You save gas and time when you avoid driving to the store to satisfy an immediate need for a bottle.

While making money from the storage of wine is a dream of many that’s fully possible, it is seldom the prime reason for starting a home wine cellar. However, the knowledge gained by building up a wine collection can lead to the confidence needed to successfully buy and later sell wine for a profit. In addition, having a wine cellar may also increase the value of your property.

If you’re ready to add a wine cellar to your home, contact us at Authentic Designs & Remodeling, Inc. to discuss the possibilities. Bottoms up!

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