Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas that Provide Enough Light

Kitchen islands have gone from a luxury design choice to a “must have” all over the country due to the convenience and style the layout brings to the modern home. As families spend a lot of time cooking and eating the island design concept helps open up the home remodeling and create a more sociable atmosphere during meal times and social gatherings.

Unfortunately, traditional kitchen lighting doesn’t necessarily fit in with the whole island design philosophy. In many kitchens you will see a single overhead light that tries admirably to flood the entire area but often fails – making it more of a chore to prepare food. Recessed lighting is also another common choice which often fails to deliver adequate lighting to the entire area. They can tend to focus on the food preparation areas – making it easy to prepare food but difficult to see what you’re eating.

If you’ve reached the conclusion that you need to bring your home in the 21st century with a new kitchen island design then you should put as much thought into the kitchen island lighting or kitchen remodeling as you would into the kitchen design itself. Modern kitchen islands need lighting that is going to produce ambient lighting for overall coverage, accent lighting to highlight specific areas for dramatic effect, and provide adequate lighting for both eating and preparing meals.

More traditional styles of lighting may be preferred if you enjoy the classical style of décor with hanging lamps and chandeliers capable of lighting a large area with fewer bulbs. Pendant style lighting is for those who enjoy the modern look but want to retain a little of the classical – possible because of the sheer versatility of pendant lighting, and its huge range of available styles.

Dimmer switches can change the mood of the entire kitchen. Preparing food and eating will no doubt be enjoyed in a more luminous setting, but for intimate occasions of chatting while sipping wine – an activity most often enjoyed in the kitchen – turning the lights down will create a cozier environment.

Strategically placed down lights can be installed wherever lighting is needed and are great for those who enjoy clean uninterrupted lines in their décor. However, in many modern kitchens there will need to be a mix of lighting options incorporated into the design in order to provide adequate lighting to the entire area.

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