Knowing When to Move and When to Renovate

Knowing When to Move and When to Renovate

Deciding whether to remodel your home or move can be a tough choice. If your home is where your children grew up or the first place you lived with a significant other, emotions can also come into play. Both options will hit you in the pocketbook, but there is often a right and wrong decision when it comes to choosing between renovating and moving.

So, how do you know when the right time to move is, or whether a house renovation will suffice?

 List the Problems

The first thing to do when determining whether you should move or renovate is listing the problems that you are trying to address. If you want to upgrade an old home or create a better floorplan, then a renovation can be less costly and frustrating than trying to buy a new home that meets your needs. This is especially true when you hire a tip house renovation company in San Diego like Authentic Designs & Remodeling. However, if you are trying to get into a better school district, escape from neighbors that you cannot stand, or searching for a feature like waterfront property, then moving is often the only solution.

 Consider Future Plans

It is important to look to the future when you are determining whether to renovate your home or move. Are you looking to relocate in the near future for a job? Is increasing the size of your family in the plans? These are important questions to ask yourself. There is no sense investing tens of thousands of dollars in renovating your home, if you’re planning to add more children to the mix in a year or two and will need to upsize your home anyways.

 Analyze Your Home Layout

Do you want more room or more rooms? Though they seem similar, there’s a difference between the two. Before you decide that your three bedroom home is no longer suitable for your soon-to-be family of four, consult with a home remodeling contractor in San Diego like Authentic Designs & Remodeling to see if reconfiguration is a possibility. Spacious three bedroom homes can sometimes be reconfigured to a four bedroom home, which can save you time, money and the frustration of purchasing and relocating to a new home.


Know Your Patience Level

One thing that many people don’t consider is how long a renovation can actually take. A top to bottom kitchen remodel can take a couple months, if not longer. You also have to account for any issues that may arise along the way causing lengthy delays, like the discovery of asbestos, termite damage or structural issues. Keep in mind that remodels or room additions involve workers being present in your home, day after day, for several months. If you don’t have the patience to withstand months of contractors working in your home, then moving might be the way to go.

Assess Your Home Value

While you want to renovate with your taste for design in mind, it’s important to assess how a renovation will impact the value of your home. If you are making cosmetic changes to kitchens, bathrooms or adjusting a floorplan, renovations can often add value to your home. However, if you are living in a neighborhood with smaller starter homes and you build a massive addition, chances are that you will not get the return on your investment that you are expecting. If you simply want more square footage in an area with smaller homes, you might want to consider moving.

 Some issues can only be solved by packing up and moving, but many can be tackled with a quality renovation. Before making that decision, contact Authentic Designs & Remodeling for a consultation. We can examine your floor plan and wish list and help you decide whether a renovation is the right way to go. ADR offers home renovations in San Diego and can often help you stay in a home you love, by making your wish list into a reality with a custom home renovation.

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