No Time Like The Present: Think Outdoor Living Space Now

No Time Like The Present: Think Outdoor Living Space Now

It should come as no surprise that any remodel, even one completed outdoors, is going to take some time to be completed. Thus, while the calendar still reads February, it pays to start thinking about changes you’d like to make to your outdoor living space right now —so they’ll be ready when the hottest months of the year roll around.

At Authentic Designs & Remodeling, we encourage you be creative in thinking about how to transform your piece of the great outdoors. Whether you have tons of space, or a more modest backyard, there are endless opportunities to make it your own, and the place everyone wants to be for summer fun.

Here are some ideas we gleaned from Better Homes and Gardens that may serve as inspiration for your outdoor space designs:

  • Create traffic patterns by laying formal walkways, creating shifts in hardscape materials, or planting shrubs and trees to establish corners and borders.
  • Add a fire source, such as an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit.
  • Create a variety of conversation areas featuring different types of seating.
  • Add a focal point such as a water feature — maybe a pond or concrete fountain.
  • Boost visual appeal by sticking to a color palette, as you would in an indoor space.
  • Establish a sense of discovery with paths that encourage exploration in the garden or lead to a secluded sitting spot.
  • Strategically shield the view with shrubs, dwarf trees or containers planted with vines scrambling up a trellis.
  • Create an outdoor living room that flows from the interior of your home so you can comfortably enjoy Mother Nature.
  • Build an outdoor pool or spa.
  • Build a deck or patio.
  • Add a putting green, a tennis court or a kids’ play area.

The sky’s really the limit with respect to how you can transform your outdoor living space, whether you seek to enhance family get-togethers or hone your entertaining skills. If you decide what you want to do right now and get started, you’ll be at the head of the class, not relegated to wishing and hoping the project you begin in a few months will be ready in time for “high season.”

We have a lot of experience helping clients remodel outdoor spaces and we would love to help you with yours. Whether you are full of ideas, or you need us to offer some possibilities, the goal will always be the same: to create a functional and beautiful outdoor area that brings you years and years of enjoyment. We’ll also help you make decisions about the changes that will add the most value to your home, never a bad thing to consider. Contact us if we can be service.

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