Rancho Santa Fe Home Remodels Before and After Photos

Home remodel projects come in all shapes and sizes. Some remodel projects involve more decor than design. Some remodelers showcase the fancy new appliances they’ve added and call that a remodel job.

Then, there are true remodels where everything changes. Consider this example of a kitchen remodel project we designed and implemented in Ranch Santa Fe. The first thing that catches your eye is the raising of the ceiling, the addition of full wood beams, and ceiling lighting.

Upon closer look, you’ll see new flooring and custom cabinetry that we designed and produced locally in our San Diego wood working shop.

We would love to hear your ideas for your own home remodel in Ranch Santa Fe. We will come to your house at no charge to meet with you and assess the remodeling project you’re wanting. Call us at 858-487-1065 to schedule an appointment or, if you just have a question or two, feel free to use our contact form.