Post-Graduation Project: Repurpose Your Kid’s Room

Post-Graduation Project: Repurpose Your Kid’s Room

Graduations celebrate students’ accomplishments and look forward to their futures, whether that means higher education or the entry into the work world. As a parent, this is likely a bittersweet time; while you want to encourage your kid to be independent, you may feel sad that he or she is leaving the nest — or maybe you see this departure as a grand new stage of your life.

At Authentic Designs & Remodeling, we suggest you looking at this exodus as an opportunity; you’re not losing a child — you’re gaining an extra room! Think of the possibilities when you reclaim that extra space for your own purposes.

Step 1 is emptying the room, getting rid of items that no longer have a use by either tossing those in poor condition or donating them. Be sure not to discard anything that has real or sentimental value to your child; a rare comic book collection or treasured action figures should be saved in your basement or a storage space.

Step 2 is deciding what to do with the now-empty space. A guest bedroom that’s available for visitors and your child’s trips back home is an obvious choice, but if you already have a room dedicated for guests, consider something that will add ongoing value to your life.

  • A home gym. Instead of spending money on monthly dues and gas to drive somewhere, invest a few dollars in equipment and create your own workout space. Add a TV and you can beat the boredom while you work out.
  • A hobby or game room. Get a pool table, or a poker table and bar — and maybe even a small refrigerator to eliminate trips to the kitchen for cold drinks.
  • A home office. All you need is a desk, a good chair, a wireless connection and a laptop, and you’re in business — you this dedicated office space may be turned into a tax deduction.
  • A media room. Install a big screen TV, a surround sound audio system and some comfortable seats — and get ready to become very popular with your friends.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about repurposing your children’s bedroom — it’s your house and why should that room sit empty most of the time? But, you also need to know that you may need to give it back at some point. According to recent U.S. Census figures, 22.6 million adults between the age of 18 and 34 were still living at home with their parents in 2012, up 27 percent from a decade ago. Certainly don’t let this statistic stop you from your repurposing plans, but know that your child moving back home is a possibility.

Let us know if your repurposing plans include something our team can help out with. We’re here to support your ability to make your dreams for your home come true. Contact us for whole home remodeling services.

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