The Gila Monster

Picture of Huge Dragon

Relocating and restoring a 39 feet long and 16 feet high structure is a unique example of Authentic Designs and Remodeling, Inc.’s ability to provide solutions that aren’t limited to just form of residential construction, but reveals its versatility and ability to problem solve. With proper planning and design, Authentic Designs and Remodeling, Inc. is able to create and construct a variety of work.


Huge Dragon PlayWendell EckHolm, president of Artworks San Diego, presented me with a plot plan of an   extravagant Nikki de St. Phalle sculpture in need of relocation and reconstruction to the other side of a private estate in Rancho Santa Fe.



DragonThe Gila Monster is a structure made of an iron framework wrapped in mesh and concrete, and covered in hand painted custom ceramic and glass tiles. After assessing the best way to relocate the sculpture, the team at Artworks San Diego and Authentic Designs and Remodeling Inc. began to photograph and document every piece of the sculpture to ensure precise reconstruction and proper positioning.



Gila Monster RemovalIn less than two weeks, we gently removed each piece of tile with great care and proceeded to jack hammer select bands of concrete. We then cut at each joint with a torch and cradled each piece by crane, ready for the final cuts.



Crane Lifting of Gila Monster
Once the sculpture was relocated to a newly poured, reinforced concrete pad, our team welded each piece back in to their final position.




Crane Lifting of Gila MonsterFinally, we entrusted the application of the mosaic tiles to Nikki de St. Phalle’s original fabricator to meticulously install each new tile by hand. The restoration of this sculpture product was completed in nearly four months.



Authentic Designs and Remodeling, Inc. guarantees precise and quality work regardless of the type of construction with great quality and fine craftsmanship!

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