Think Out-of-the-Box for Valentine’s Day

Think Out-of-the-Box for Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it — women usually have big expectations for Valentine’s Day, so men are on the hot seat when it comes to meeting or exceeding them. What about a romantic dinner at a swanky restaurant? OK, but certainly not overly creative. The same goes for traditional gifts like flowers (that quickly die) or chocolates (that can end up as unwanted weight). What’s a man to do?

At Authentic Designs & Remodeling, we suggest thinking out-of-the-box to give your significant other a gift that may not scream “romantic,” but will melt her heart anyway —and be a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness. Any longed-for home improvement might do the trick, but the three recommendations below may result in the biggest swoons.

Walk-in Closet

Men might be partial to “man caves,” but women do love their custom closets, and the bigger the better. Where else to put all those shoes? If your love is a clotheshorse who frequently laments the size of her closet, and your home has the requisite space, this is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

Today’s walk-in closets are often like small rooms, featuring shelves, drawers, customized shoe storage and plenty of space for clothing to hang. Your significant other will be delighted to participate in the design process to make the new closet work perfectly for her — and over the moon when the remodel is complete. As an added benefit, when you sell your home, you’ll earn a huge return on investment, possibly even more than you spent. Ample closet space is high on any homebuyer’s wish list.

Updated Kitchen

Another remodel that will thrill your significant other and add value to your home is an updated kitchen. Whether you choose to merely purchase new appliances or go for a completely new look, you’ll get oohs and ahs from your love when you present this untraditional Valentine’s Day gift.

Most real estate professionals will tell you the number one thing you can do to maximize your home’s financial value is keeping the kitchen as modernized as possible. When you can thrill your significant other at the same time, it’s a true win-win. Let her speak with a designer about her needs: more counter space, more storage space, more open space, etc. This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

Updated Bathroom

Like the closet and kitchen updates, this is a remodel that’s a home value adder. You can do something as simple as replacing the fixtures to make a bathroom look more modern, adding a second sink in a master bath or doing a total teardown to build a spa-like custom bathroom. Your love’s heart will go pitter-patter when you unveil this gift on Valentine’s Day.

One recent trend in this space is water-saving features, something especially important in California, so you can do good for the planet while earning big points from the gift recipient. Even better, these features often pay for themselves within the first year or two, depending on your average water bill.

The time is short to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love. We hope our untraditional recommendations are food for thought, and if you have questions about any of these projects, please contact us.

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