Vibrant Drought Tolerant Landscaping: Saving the Environment One Plant at a Time

Vibrant Drought Tolerant Landscaping: Saving the Environment One Plant at a Time

San Diego is essentially a desert and with the current drought, it is time to take action to save our beautiful city from drying out completely. In such a tight water crisis Sandiegans have resorted to either using too much water in order to save their landscape from the harsh climate or have allowed their once luscious yards to dwindle and die. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce reducing your water usage and obtain a yard with beautiful color and liveliness.

More often than not, people consider drought tolerant yards to be the typical cactus landscape. Though this is a typical and drought resistant landscape, it is not the only solution. There are many simple solutions to creating a drought tolerant yet beautiful yard. One such way of creating a unique and artsy yard is by adding hardscape. Sculptures and boulders add diversity and create interesting focal points.

Another hardscape option is, ironically, fountains and other water features. Water features are great at creating a romantic feel and are surprisingly important to capture and recycle water. Another non-plant source of landscape can include ground cover. Mulch and rock offer less evaporation and allow water to filter through and irrigate the surrounding plants.

Hardscape is great for gap filling and creativity, but what is more important in bringing your yard to life is its plant life. Surprisingly, a wide variety of colorful flowers, plants, and trees are resistant to the hardships of a drought. Deceivingly drought tolerant flowers include:

  • Damianita
  • Casablanca lily
  • White Allium
  • Manzanita
  • Mexican Bush Sage
  • Moss Phlox
  • Angelita Daisy
  • Lavender
  • Daylily

Many colorful and tropical looking trees have the ability to bloom and thrive in a drought, which include:

  • Black Bamboo
  • Sunset Glow Bamboo
  • Mimosa tree
  • Leyland Cypress
  • Western and Eastern Redbud

In order to fill space in the yard and add foliage, shrubs and bushes are a great option. A few drought tolerant shrubs and bushes include:

  • Lilac
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Blue Star Juniper
  • Lantana
  • Barberry
  • Heavenly Bamboo
  • Creosote Bush

If turf grass is not your first choice as a lawn alternative, there are plenty of grasses that are drought tolerant and just as beautiful.

  • Bahia Grass
  • Blue fescue
  • Augustine
  • Buffalo Grass
  • Zoysia Grass
  • Bermuda Grass

These are just a few of the many flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses that are drought resistant and give the appearance of a lush healthy environment. Re-landscaping your yard for drought tolerant conditions can be both financially beneficial to you in the long run and a fun way to remodel. Landscaping is the exterior design of your home, the face and accessories that really make your home pop with color and lushness. Take the time to research what will look great together and do well in your climate. This drought may be the perfect opportunity to create a yard unique to your own style and taste, and help the environment as well.



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