Top Reasons why contractors don’t show up

Contractor showing up for workFor clients eager to remodel their homes, wants hand crafted custom cabinets and custom bathroom design and remodeling. There are few things more frustrating and disappointing than a contractor who doesn’t show up to do the job.

Why do contractors accept the work and then disappear?

The most common reasons fall into two categories: management problems and communications problems.


  • The contractor bid too low. Instead of admitting it, he/she simply doesn’t show up for the job. He/she might have needed the work at the time, but now he/she has a more lucrative job lined up and has abandoned the first project.
  • The contractor no longer has the resources to do the job. Maybe he/she is short- staffed, for example, when the project is set to start.
  • The contractor is overwhelmed with work and can’t take on any new projects. Some contractors manage their time and/or money poorly and are forced to jump from job to job without a clear sense of deadlines.


  • The client has waited a long time to arrange for the job to start. The contractor might have been available initially, but now he’s/she’s working on another project.
  • The contractor made the bid not understanding the client’s expectations. After looking again at the project, he/she doesn’t think he/she can do the work, so he/she abandons it.

The professionals at Authentic Designs and Remodeling, Inc., understand how important your custom home-remodeling project is. We finish the job on time and exceed your expectations by taking the time to understand your needs before we agree to the job, and before we establish a timetable.

No one benefits from a job done poorly — or not at all. ADR won’t waste your valuable time by bidding on a job we can’t do. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and determine whether we have the time and resources to complete your custom remodeling job.

Our commitment to strong communication and focus on the details starts before you hire us. Details are key, and we will work with you to understand exactly what you envision for your home. A floor isn’t just a floor, for example. Depending on the type of wood you want, you can expect to spend from $4 to $10 per square foot for hardwood material. Failing to understand exactly what kind of wood a client wants can inflate a budget by as much as $10,000. If your contractor hasn’t asked you for details, he/she has made a huge mistake.

ADR caters to clients who plan to be in their homes for a long time and expect the kind of high-quality custom remodeling that lasts a lifetime. Call us at (858) 487-1065 to discuss what we can do to turn your home into your dream home. We also cater designing and building custom safe rooms and vaults for San Diego and nearby areas.

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